Patient Exam

At your preventive appointment visits, Dr. G will carefully inspect your mouth and assess the health of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues. She will use a number special tools to guide her through the process of diagnosis. This will most likely include the use of an intraoral camera, any needed dental xrays, and powerful dental magnification. Decay and potential fractures can be thoroughly diagnosed and treated in their earliest stages, saving time and lessening financial costs. Patients also benefit from seeing up close images of any problems they may have and learning their options for treatment. Dr. G also takes the time to meticulously examine your tongue and oral cavity for signs of oral cancer. Rest assured, your routine exams will be thorough and informative.


Tooth Colored Fillings

In order to treat chipped or decayed teeth, Dr. G will use a composite material that beautifully restores teeth to their optimal form and function.  Composite is a tooth colored material that she can expertly match to your custom shade, creating a natural looking, yet durable dental restoration.  Dr. G is skilled not only in the science of crafting long lasting and effective tooth colored fillings, she is also an artist in making these fillings beautiful and virtually unnoticeable.



When several teeth are unrestorable or missing, partial or full dentures may provide the best option for replacing multiple teeth.  Dentures act as prosthetic replacements and help restore lost function.  This adds to a patient's confidence and overall health by giving them the ability to eat a healthier and more varied diet.  Dentures are custom made and natural looking.  Dr. G spends time making the proper adjustments to your denture to ensure a comfortable fit and the best functionality.


Sealants are a thin, protective coating that seal over deep grooves in back teeth.  Sealants prevent decay from forming by keeping food and bacteria from getting into these vulnerable grooves, acting like a raincoat for the tooth.  Dr. G especially recommends sealants for young patients in order to keep newly formed permanent molars from ever experiencing decay.  This added protection helps preserve these important teeth for a lifetime of function.



Many patients can benefit from oral appliances called mouthguards.  Some mouthguards are designed for night time use and can help prevent damage to teeth from grinding habits patients may be unaware of during sleep.  These are sometimes referred to as nightguards or occlusal guards.  Sports guards are another type of mouth guard that can be custom made to protect teeth from trauma that may occur during contact sports.  Many organized sports require a protective guard to be worn and Dr. G can help make one that fits athletes comfortably and works effectively. 

Dental implant image

Dental Implants

If you experience tooth loss due to fracture, trauma, or other factors, Dr. G can help guide you through the process of deciding how to best restore your smile.  A dental implant may be a viable solution that can offer you the most natural and permanent replacement option.  Dr. G works closely with a specialist (often a periodontist or oral surgeon) who places a titanium post into your jaw that mimics your tooth root.  After the surgical site heals and stabilizes, she will place a custom made crown on top of the implanted post that will look and feel very natural.

Dental bridges photo

Dental Bridges

Sometimes when one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge is an ideal replacement option if dental implants aren't feasible.  If this is the appropriate option for your case, Dr. G will carefully prepare the healthy teeth on either side of the missing space to serve as anchor teeth for your bridge.  The bridge spans from the first anchor tooth, to the individual replacement units for the missing tooth or teeth, and ends with the final anchor tooth.  The dental bridge is permanently cemented into place and cannot be taken in or out.  The resulting restoration is beautiful and life like and can be maintained for many years with proper home care.


Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is a safe and highly effective treatment that helps strengthen tooth enamel in order to prevent decay.  Besides strengthening teeth, fluoride varnish also helps lessen the amount of harmful cavity causing bacteria in the mouth.  Patients in all life stages can benefit from this simple, cost effective method of prevention.  Dr. G will help you evaluate your personal risk factors for decay such as dry mouth, previous history of decay, poor dietary choices, and any other circumstance that places you at an increased risk for decay in order to determine if this easy and painless treatment can help you achieve more optimal oral health.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For patients who feel nervous during dental treatment, Dr G provides not only a gentle hand and a soothing office environment to help lessen anxiety, she is able to safely and effectively administer nitrous oxide sedation to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during procedures.  Patients are carefully monitored and are never left alone during sedation.  There are a variety of pleasant scents to choose from to accompany your sedation.  Nitrous oxide can be a helpful addition to your dental treatment and will make once difficult procedures a genuinely pleasant experience.  

Dental Hygiene Services

Dr. G offers patients a full preventive program to optimize not only their smile, but overall health.  Patients will be routinely monitored for emerging periodontal problems and properly advised of effective dental hygiene treatment options.  Whether your needs are for preventive cleanings every six months or more extensive cleanings and maintenance, your needs will be assessed and your treatment options will always reflect the best options to help you achieve your best oral and overall health outcome.  Exciting options to enhance your smile with professional tooth whitening can also be addressed at your preventive visits.  Dr. G's goal is to help all of her patients experience the confidence that comes with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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